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Complete instrument list

Transmission Electron Microscopes

JEOL JEM-1010 TEM AIBN Blg. 75
JEOL JEM-2100 S/TEM  AIBN Blg. 75
Technai T12 G2 TEM QBP Blg. 80
cryo TEM sample holder QBP Blg. 80
Tecnai F30 G2 TEM QBP Blg. 80
JEOL JEM-1011 TEM QBP Blg. 80

Scanning Electron Microscopes

X-RAY Analytics

Chemical and Element Analysis


JEOL JXA-8200 EPMA WDS/EDS - Microprobe Hawken Blg. 50
Kratos Axis Ultra XPS Chemistry Blg. 68
Renishaw RAMAN Microscope Hawken Blg. 50


Cryo-Immobilisation/ Rapid Freezing

FEI Vitrobot Mark 2, Automatic Plunge-Freezer QBP Blg. 80
Baltec HPM-010, High Pressure Freezer QBP Blg. 80
Leica EMPact2, High Pressure Freezer QBP Blg. 80


Leica Ultracut UC6 x2 AIBN Blg. 75
Leica Ultracut T AIBN Blg. 75
Leica Ultracut S AIBN Blg. 75
Leica UC6-FCS Cryo-Ultramicrotome (x2) QBP Blg. 80
Leica Ultracut UC6 Ultramicrotome (x2) QBP Blg. 80

Dehydration & Embedding

Tousimis Autosamdri 815 Critical Point Dryer AIBN Blg. 75
Thermoline Freeze Dryer AIBN Blg. 75
Leica ASF Freeze Substitution System with FSP AIBN Blg. 75
Leica EM AFS2, Automatic Freeze-Substitution Unit (x2) QBP Blg. 80

Metal & Carbon Coaters

Quorum Q150T metal coater  Hawken Blg. 50
Quorum Q150T carbon coater Hawken Blg. 50
SPI metal coater Hawken Blg. 50
Cresssington Carbon Coater AIBN Blg. 75
Baltec MED-020, Carbon Coater/Glow Discharge Unit QBP Blg. 80
Quorom  150TE Carbon Coater QBP Blg. 80


Plasma Cleaner - Ion Milling

Gatan 691 PIPS AIBN Blg. 75
Fischione Plasma Cleaner AIBN Blg. 75

Advanced Lab Tools