Complete instrument list

Advanced Lab Tools

Chemical and Element Analysis


JEOL JXA-8200 EPMA WDS/EDS - Microprobe Room 108A, Blg.74
Kratos Axis Ultra XPS Chemistry Blg. 68
Renishaw RAMAN Microscope AIBN Blg. 75


Electron Beam Lithography SEM

RAITH e-Line Plus AIBN Blg. 75


Mass Spectometry

Bruker Amazon Speed with ETD Chemistry Blg. 68
Bruker MicroTOF Q II Chemistry Blg. 68
Ultraflex III (x2) Chemistry Blg. 68
Image Prep (x2) Chemistry Blg. 68
Proteineer Spotting Robot Chemistry Blg. 68
Probot Spotting Robot Chemistry Blg. 68
Bruker Autoflex III Gehrmann Blg. 
Thermo Quantum Ultra QqQMS with HPLC (UV and Fluorescence)

Gehrmann Blg. 


Metal & Carbon Coaters

Plasma Cleaner - Ion Milling

Gatan 691 PIPS AIBN Blg. 75
Fischione Plasma Cleaner AIBN Blg. 75
Evactron Plasma Cleaner Room 108A, Blg.74

Scanning Electron Microscopes

JEOL JSM-7800F Room 108A, Blg.74
JEOL JSM-7100F/ Cryo Room 108A, Blg.74
JEOL JSM-7001F  WDS/EDS Room 108A, Blg.74
JEOL JXA-8200 EPMA Probe​ Room 108A, Blg.74
JEOL JSM-6610 SEM EBSD/EDS Room 718, Blg. 68
Zeiss Sigma FESEM & 3View AIBN Blg. 75
Philips XL30 SEM/ EDS Cryo Room 718, Blg. 68
JEOL  JCM-5000  Neoscope QBP Blg. 80
JEOL  JCM-5000  Neoscope AIBN Blg. 75
Hitachi SU3500 SEM Room 718, Blg. 68

Transmission Electron Microscopes

Tecnai F30 G2 TEM AIBN Blg. 75
Technai T12 G2 TEM QBP Blg. 80
Hitachi HT7700 120kV TEMs (x2) AIBN Blg. 75
JEOL JEM-1011 TEM QBP Blg. 80

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