JEOL JEM-Z300FSC (Cryo-ARM300)

The Cryo-ARM300 is a 300kV cryo scanning transmission electron microscope (cryo-TEM/STEM) that is specifically designed to collect fully automatically high resolution data sets for Cryo-Single Particle Reconstructions of biological macromolecules or virus particles, capable of delivering high resolution structures down to the atomic level. The microscope can hold up to 12 samples and is able to continuously and unsupervised collect data sets for over 72h. 

The basis for this type of performance, besides an ultra-stable design with an enclosed electron column feature, is:

Cold Field Emission Gun (Cold-FEG) as an electron source with high brightness and a low energy spread (0.4eV) 

In-Column Omega energy filter for an improved signal-to-noise ratio at ‘Zero-Loss' energy imaging conditions

Phase plate for high contrast close-to-focus imaging

Gatan K3 direct electron detector for high sensitivity, high frame rate, motion corrected imaging

Location: QPB Building #80

Contact: Dr Matthias Floetenmeyer

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