Instructional Videos

CMM provides a variety of video material that can assist clients in understanding the processes involved in operating specific equipment, thus aiding client training and learning.  

Scanning Electron Microscopy Sample Preparation SEM Cryo Scanning Electron Microscopy Sample Preparation Cryo Transmission Electron Microscopy Ultramicrotomy Atomic Force Microscopy

Sample Insertion Basics 7001


Carbon Coating Using Rods CryoSEM Preparing the Instrument Freezing on HPM100 Sample Insertion Basics Technai 20 Hand Microtome Use Mounting Samples for Atomic Force Microscopy

JEOL JSM 6610 (LaB6)

Critical Point Dryer Cryo SEM Preparing Fractrured Samples     Mounting Water Boats (Ultramicrotomy) Cantilever Approaches Sample Surface AFM
Sample Mounting EBSD Mounting Bulk Samples Basic Sample Insertion Techniques     Using a 'Histo' Diamond Knife for Sectioning Changing Scanners for AFM
Sample Insertion Basics XL30 Mounting Conductive Samples Preparing and Mounting a Fresh sample     Sections on Water- using a smear of wax (Ultramicrotomy) Post Processing: Flattening the Image
Sample Insertion Basics 890 Mounting Powdered Samples Freezing fresh tissue in a cryo pre-chamber     Using an Ultramicrotome to Trim a Resin Block Laser Alignment AFM
Sample Insertion Basics 6460   Initial viewing of sample while subliming surface ice and sputter coating     Mounting the knife and smoothing the block surface (Ultramicrotomy) Aligning Contact Mode Cantilever
Sample Insertion Basics 6300         Thin Sections on a water bath (Ultramicrotomy) Loading the Probe in Tipholder
          Obtaining Dry, Thick Sections (Ultramicrotomy) Tipholder Insertion
          Trimming a Resin Block  Artifacts in Contact Mode AFM
          Making Glass Knives Scan Parameters 
          Mounting the Resin block for Ultramicrotomy Tuning the Cantilever
            Sample mounting
            Sample Insertion
            Overview of the Head