Occupational Health and Safety

Before commencing work in the CMM labs, every user needs to complete the relevant OHS training, including a lab induction / tour. The lab inductions take about 20 minutes for each lab. Please wear covered shoes for the tours.

As well as the induction and tour, there are documents to read and forms to complete. These forms can be completed on your computer in RIMS

To complete the induction, we need you to supply us with: 

1. The CMM’s New Worker OHS Induction Checklist.

2. A record (training modules completion as a pdf) of the required OHS Modules as follows:

  • OHSB08: Health Safety and Wellness

  • OHSB09: Annual Fire Safety Training (please update annually)

  • OHSB01: Laboratory Safety

  • OHSB03: Chemical Safety

  • OHSB04: Biosafety (for users of our AIBN and QBP Labs, updated every 2 years)

3. Risk Assessment(s) for your samples. Please click on the button below to be directed to the instructions for submitting a successful risk assessment.

Risk Assessment Form

For lab specific induction information please click on the button below.

Induction resources

For Workday, UQ Learn and IT related queries, please contact:

HR: 0733652623; askhr@uq.edu.au

ITS: 0733656000; help@its.uq.edu.au

CMM Health, Safety & Wellness Client Representative - confidential matters

Ryan Johnston is a third year PhD candidate at the School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences (UQ), where his primary focus is the design and development of rapid, point of care diagnostics for a range of arboviral diseases. As a regular presence in the CMM facilities, Ryan is well placed as your CMM Health, Safety and Wellness (HSW) client representative.

As your HSW point of contact, Ryan will address and action any of your concerns regarding HSW and is happy to pass on any comments (good or bad) to other relevant departments. Questions, queries or doubtful points can be submitted via email at any time and a response usually within 24 hours. Comments may be treated anonymously on request – please state it in your email and Ryan will act on your behalf.

Ryan is available by phone Monday-Friday during work hours or feel free to email at any time.

Ph: (Mon-Fri 0800-1700) 0416262718
E: ryan.johnston@uq.edu.au 

CMM staff who are part of the UQ Ally and Mental Health Champions Network:

Dr Candice Goodwin, OHS Co-ordinator

'The CMM team is spread across five facilities at the St Lucia campus, where our staff navigate varying state-of-the-art scientific equipment and discoveries, as well as hazards and differing work environments. We primarily provide a client-based service, interacting with hundreds of clients per year. Given these factors, it is critical for me to be able to support my team and clients with health, safety and wellness expertise'.

Professor Rob Parton, CMM Deputy Director

'As a UQ Ally I strive to help create a supportive and inclusive environment for people who identify as gender, sex and sexuality diverse at UQ'.


Professor Roger Wepf, CMM Director and Celestien Warnaar, CMM Centre Manager are also available at anytime to advise and help.

If you have any questions regarding lab safety, please contact our Health & Safety Coordinator Candice Goodwin (candice.goodwin@uq.edu.au​)