Occupational Health and Safety

Before commencing work in the CMM labs, every user needs to complete the relevant OH&S training, including a lab induction / tour. The lab inductions take about 20 minutes for each lab. Please wear covered shoes for the tours. You can book into a lab induction at your project interview.

As well as the induction and tour, there are documents to read and forms to complete. These forms can be filled in on your computer in PPMS. We don’t expect (or want) you to return the inductions forms at the induction. However your induction will not be finalized until they have been submitted, checked  and we have audited your risk assessment.  Please try to return the forms at least a few days before your CMM training begins so we have time to review them and organise the activation of your swipe card access (your swipe card most likely won’t be activated the day you return your forms). 

To complete the induction, we need you to supply us with: 

1. The CMM’s New Worker OHS Induction Checklist.

2. A record (training modules screenshot) of your completion of the required OH&S modules (General Workplace Safety Training, Annual Fire Safety Training, Laboratory Safety Induction, Chemistry Training and Biosafety [for users of QBP Lab]).

3. A Risk Assessment(s) for your material. This assessment is for the form your sample will be when it enters CMM's labs.

Induction resources

Risk assessment templates



If you have any questions regarding lab safety, please contact our Health & Safety Coordinator Candice Goodwin (candice.goodwin@uq.edu.au​)