The following resources will help you complete your induction


1. Lab Induction Information Sheet (“Induction info”): General and specific safety information about each lab. (Please read this before the tour). The form is useful in helping you fill in the other induction documents. AIBNChemistryHawkenQBP.

2. Emergency Procedures Card: Quick reference information sheet for emergencies – AIBNChemistryHawkenQBP.

3. CMM Labs OHS-New Worker Induction Form:  This is filled in electronically and submitted directly in PPMS. The CMM staff member who takes you on the tour will be the induction supervisor.  Please note that in this form you “tick” to indicate you have completed on-line induction modules (annual fire, general safety, lab sustainability and lab safety).  Please provide a “screen dump” copy of your training record or other records to document this.  

4. OHS TNA (Training Needs Analysis) for CMM Lab Workers: This is a record of the training we anticipate you will need (and we will provide) to do your work in our labs.  This is filled in electronically and submitted directly in PPMS.  It covers all CMM labs.  Be sure to answer the questions where you indicate if your sample is highly carcinogenic or other material requiring health surveillance.

5. CMM WHS and EMS Handbook:  Detailed information on CMM  and UQ operations – you don’t have to read the whole handbook! It’s for reference.