CMM Facilities

The Centre for Microscopy and Microanalysis (CMM) is an interdisciplinary research infrastructure centre at The University of Queensland (UQ).  We provide resources for scientific structural research, and elemental and chemical analysis of materials using electrons, ions & X-ray beams.  Our instruments allow for characterization of both man-made and natural/biological materials on the micro, nano to pico-scales.

CMM operates four laboratories with several facilities dedicated to specific applications and research areas.  The facilities are each centred around a primary analytical capability, instrumentation and staff expertise, and are located close to the main user communities across campus.  You will find them below, listed individually according to primary research area.  In principle the facilities are accessible for any research project.  Assisted by our talented and knowledgeable scientists and engineers, projects often run across multiple CMM facilities to create best outcomes.  Open collaboration between researcher and CMM experts around localised analytical capabilities can lead to unexpected and interesting outcomes and create synergies.

Don’t hesitate to start a discussion with our staff.  We will do our best to help you choose the best “fit for purpose” technology/methodology and experts at CMM.

Equipment and instrastructure

The University of Queensland has a wide range of equipment and facilities available for use by qualified individuals looking to expand their research capabilities.

Comprehensive information including, but not limited to databases, laboratories, imaging and fabrication technology, microscopes and spectrometers is available here.


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