To assist in the use of our range of advanced microscopy and microanalysis equipment, the Centre offers education and training that enables clients to reach a level of proficiency where they can operate independently.  The majority of clients accessing the Centre participate in educational instruction.

If you are experienced we will need to assess your competency so please let the Centre staff know about your prior experience during the interview process.  Classes for some equipment are provided ad hoc (arranged one-on-one) whereas other training occurs in course blocks at fixed times. Upgrade training to more advanced equipment and techniques is possible after preliminary training has been undertaken and is available upon application. 

Techniques instructed

Bookings for training are essential.

For group courses, training registration closes 2 weeks prior to commencement.

If training is not completed then a Centre staff member must accompany the client on equipment and this attracts a higher rate of charge. Clients who have completed the required education are also able to access the Centre after hours thereby providing themselves with a wider time frame for use of the Centre.

Training dates 2024

MyScope Online teaching help

MyScope is an online teaching and learning resource. It may be of help to you before undertaking training with the Centre or as a refresher at any stage in your use of techniques. MyScope includes modules on scanning electron microscopy, transmission electron microscopy, confocal microscopy, scanning probe/ atomic force microscopy, microanalysis and X-ray diffraction. It provides theory, diagrams, videos, flowcharts for sample preparation and virtual microscopes / equipment. This is a good place to start if you want to know more about techniques and use of equipment. Link to MyScope.

To directly access the videos produced by CMM on use of equipment in the MyScope site click here.



If you have any questions regarding training please contact our Laboratory Managers

Life Science & Soft Matter Facility: Nicole Schieber

Material Science Microscopy & Microprobe: Mr Ron Rasch

Novel Imaging & Correlative Microscopy: Professor Roger Wepf

X-ray Material Science & Spectrometry: Dr Lachlan Casey

Structural Biology & Protein Crystallography: Dr Matthias Floetenmeyer