Researcher biography

Nicole Schieber has returned to CMM, as the lab manager of the Electron Microscopy Life Science and Soft Matter Laboratory. Nicole entered into the field of Electron Microscopy for her honours project as part of her Bachelor of Marine Studies (Marine Biology and Ecology) at UQ in 2007. Over the past 15 years, she has continued to further her knowledge in Electron Microscopy having worked in the CMM (2007-2009), in Prof. Rob Parton’s laboratory (2007-2013) and most recently as the lab manager in Dr. Yannick Schwab’s team at the EMBL, Heidelberg (2013-2020). These roles have enabled Nicole to gain expertise in a broad range of techniques and applications, particularly specialising in 3D volume Electron Microscopy and Correlative Light and Electron Microscopy. During Nicole’s 7.5 years at EMBL, she was central to the teams research which focused on the development of original 3D-CLEM methods. She is heavily involved in courses and training to share her knowledge and skills in soft matter and life-science EM. Nicole’s main interests in the field of Electron Microscopy surround methods development in 3D volume EM and CLEM.