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CMM Image of the month winner!

July 2018


Image taken by Michael Hodges-Langford from the Queensland Brain Institute.

 “This is an image of an epiplexus cell (macrophage), with a highly vacuolated cytoplasm, patrolling along the microvilli of the choroid plexus epithelium within the embryonic mouse brain. This image was taken on the Hitachi HT 7700 at 80kV.”

CMM collects images to share online with the broader community. 

Please email if you have an image (along with a short description of the image and/or project) that you would be willing to donate to CMM.  We are looking for ‘high-res’ Scanning Electron Microscopy or Transmission Electron Microscopy images, Diffraction pattern, Maps,  raw or modified, any processed analytical data as well as 3D models.

We look forward to receiving your image (you are welcome to submit up to 3 images).  As a prize, each monthly winner will receive a Café Nano prepaid coffee card.


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