Frontiers in Microscopy and Microanalysis Seminars


The Frontiers in Microscopy and Microanalysis seminar series introduces the student and staff to advances in microscopy and nanoscopy with an emphasis on light microscopy, electron microscopy and analysis as well as x-ray microscopy and x-ray analytical methods. Both methodological and technological progress as well as applications in various scientific fields will be discussed.


Date / Time Location Speakers Title Flyer
11/3/19 AIBN # 75, Level 1 Seminar Room Dr. M. Pierrette Moret (Cameca France) Electron Probe MicroAnalysis, Quantitative analysis and latest development at CAMECA 
7/3/19 AIBN # 75, Level 1 Seminar Room Dr Simon Ma, Protochips, USA Seeing is Believing New Horizons for In Situ Electron Microscopy
12/2/19 CAI, Level 2 Lecture Theatre Dr Alice Ly, who heads Bruker’s MALDI Imaging in Bremen Sample Preparation and Data Analysis Strategies for Mass Spectrometry Imaging
13/2/19 Chemistry #68, Room 306 Dr Pierre Panine, Xenocs SA, Sassenage, France Practical lecture: SAXS/WAXS theory and application No flyer
12/2/19 AIBN # 75, Level 1 Seminar Room Dr Pierre Panine, Xenocs SA, Sassenage, France Inspecting colloids and nanomaterials with a SAXS/WAXS instrument
11th to 15th February 2019 Brighton Savoy, Victoria For information and registration please visit the AMAS XV website.

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