Frontiers in Microscopy & Microanalysis Seminars


The Frontiers in Microscopy and Microanalysis seminar series introduces the student and staff to advances in microscopy and nanoscopy with an emphasis on light microscopy, electron microscopy and analysis as well as x-ray microscopy and x-ray analytical methods. Both methodological and technological progress as well as applications in various scientific fields will be discussed.

Date / TimeLocationSpeakersTitleFlyer
30/06/23, 1pm - 1.45pm (AEST)AIBN Bldg 75

Zoom Meeting
Dr Andreas Schertel, Carl Zeiss AGCryoFIB-SEM volume imaging and cryoFIB-SEM TEM preparation for correlative microscopy
05/04/23, 3pm - 4pm (AEST)AIBN Bldg 75

Zoom Meeting
Professor Masaki Fujimoto – ISAS/JAXA JapanSample return mission from small bodies: Why JAXA cares and why you should care
13/02/23, 12pm - 3pm (AEST)AIBN Bldg 75

Zoom Meeting
Dr Hongyi Xu - Stockholm University, Sweden3DED / MicroED for Crystal Structure Determination -from Materials, Small molecules to Proteins
08/02/23, 2pm (AEST)AIBN Bldg 75

Zoom Meeting
Dr Yannick Schwab, EMBL HeidelbergPrecise targeting for volume electron microscopy, a multimodal approach
07/02/23, 2pm (AEST)AIBN Bldg 75

Zoom Meeting
Dr Dirk Van der Wal - TESCAN, Brno, Czech RepublicTensor - STEM done right:  an integrated, precession-assisted automated analytical 4D STEM towards 3D-ED
06/02/23, 3pm (AEST)AIBN Bldg 75

Zoom Meeting
Raynald Gauvin, Materials Engineering, McGill University, Montréal, Québec, CanadaChemical Analysis of Lithium of Battery Materials with high spatial resolution using EDS and EELS in the Electron Microscope

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