Frontiers in Microscopy and Microanalysis


The Frontiers in Microscopy and Microanalysis seminar series introduces the student and staff to advances in microscopy and nanoscopy with an emphasis on light microscopy, electron microscopy and analysis as well as x-ray microscopy and x-ray analytical methods. Both methodological and technological progress as well as applications in various scientific fields will be discussed.


Date / Time Location Speakers Title Flyer


10 - 11 am

Level 4 Meeting Room, AIBN Building # 75 Antonin Doupal, TESCAN

Increasing the Performance and Analytical Power of FIB-SEMs


1 - 2 pm

Level 1 Seminar Room, AIBN Building #75 Dr Felix Leyssner NAP-XPS/SPM & EnviroESCA TM Systems


2 - 3pm

Level 1 Seminar Room, AIBN Building #75 Dr Sandrin Eeig (University of Tasmania) Optimising EPMA MicroProbe Analysis


2 - 4pm

Level 1 Seminar Room, AIBN Building #75

David Hoyle (VIC Canada)

Dr H Inada (Naka Japan)

Dr T Yaguchi (Naka Japan)

Inauguration Seminar for our 2 new HT 7700 S/TEM from Hitachi


10 - 11am


Level 1 Seminar Room, AIBN Building #75 Dr. Richard White Recent Advances in Surface Analysis from Thermo Fisher Scientific

Seminars 2016