Client information

CMM instruments may be utilised at any time as the Centre is accessible 24 hours a day.  Clients may be trained to use the instruments themselves or can have their work performed for them by highly qualified staff.  Please refer to the registration link as well as the fees link below for detailed information on how to get access to CMM facilities.

New: CMM has currently stopped accepting any new projects due to the Covid-19 situation. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused by this shut-down of the facility and we will be happy to serve you again as soon as the University is fully functional again.  In exceptional circumstances, projects fitting one of the critical research criteria might be considered if resources are available.  Details here.



Accessing CMM facilities


Office hours of the Director


Contact the CMM Lab Managers to discuss your idea or Client Liaison Officer.

CMM Director Professor Roger Wepf is available every Tuesday and Thursday between 12pm and 1pm. During these hours Professor Wepf will address any questions or concerns regarding the CMM laboratories. 

TechFinder can help you find the facilites to suit your project.  

Registering for CMM services


To access CMM facilities, please could you create an account on PPMS using your UQ login details. 

Once you have created an account, then you will need to submit a project for the work that you want to do with your sample on the microscopes. 

New projects are reviewed every Friday morning during our management meeting where a member of CMM staff will be assigned to your project to help you get started with accessing CMM facilities. 

Following the Friday morning meeting, you will be contacted by CMM admin to provide you with your project reference number as well as the contact details of the member of staff who is assigned to your project.

The staff member will then contact you to discuss your project in further detail.  This will also include discussion about your instrument training and laboratory safety inductions as required.


Services for industry

Enabling Innovation and Quality Control:

CMM helps industry to analyse and characterise their materials and can help foster innovation in industry with its in-depth knowledge and multi-disciplinary team. We can add substantial value to industrial research and development (R&D) or failure analysis.

CMM offers consultation, testing services, access to instruments, contract research or even long-term research collaborations e.g. co-funded by government grants. All this can be tailored to the needs of your business.

We also train and support industry users through short courses and one-on-one sessions, allowing them direct access to our world-class instrumentation.

With expertise in biology, materials science, nanotechnology, biomedicine, metallurgy, geology, archaeology and more, we are committed to help meet your business needs and facilitate innovation for Australian industry and SME.

If you would like to discuss how your business could benefit from our services, please contact our director, Professor Roger Wepf, (07) 3346 3966, email


All CMM instruments are individually bookable under a set of fee rules.

We have included some incentives to reduce the financial impact for your research, such as a half-price reduction during ‘after-hours’ and an additional  25% discount for all frequent users (see details below).

UQ Clients - New System in 2020:

From 1 January 2020 onwards CMM will replace the system of prepaid accounts with a new system that links discounts to an authority to automatically journal fees instead.  If you provide CMM with a valid chart string to which we can charge the incurred usage of your group members, you will automatically receive a 25% discount on the instrument costs.  There is no prepayment required and there is no expiry to the 25% discount while the authority remains in place and the chart string is valid. As with the previous system, you will receive your group’s usage on a quarterly basis.  If you agree to the charges no further action will be required from your side.  If you require more information or an adjustment to the statement, then please let us know within 10 working days of the statement date.  If 10 working days after the statement date we have not received any feedback, we will presume all is in good order and prepare a journal spreadsheet that will be processed by the Finance Office. In due time the charge will then appear in your accounts. 

We would like to move away from the system of payments through RISQ forms and we believe our new system to be more user friendly.  However, if you prefer so, you can remain on the old payment by RISQ system; there is no problem. In that case you will receive a RISQ with our quarterly statement as in the past, but your group will be charged at the full Internal Hourly Rate.  You can view our instrument fees from our Fee List on our website (staff login required).  There is an internal hourly rate (without chart string) and an Internal Discount Rate (with chart string).

If you agree to a journaling authority, you are welcome to provide either one chart string for your whole group, or if you prefer to divide costs or need to allocate costs for a specific project to a dedicated grant related chart string, you can provide multiple chart strings.

If you would like to go ahead and provide your chart string then please could you send me an email with the chart string number and include the following wording:  “I hereby authorise CMM to journal fee charges incurred for my group’s usage to account string XXXXXXX-XX-XXX-XX-(XXXXXX)  until I revoke this authority”, or in case of multiple strings:  “I hereby authorise CMM to journal fee charges incurred for project(s) A, B and C’s to account string XXXXXXX-XX-XXX-XX-(XXXXXX) (repeat as often as required to cover all your chartstrings) until I revoke this authority.”

Please could you provide this information by Friday 20th March 2020.  

Associate Clients i.e. other universities and government organisations (two options):

A)   Prepaid Account: $5000 upfront payment to gain a 25% discount on all instrument fees for the remainder of the year.  Payment must be made by the 28th February 2019.  Please note that staff assisted hours are not discounted.

Please email with a purchase order if you would like to take this option.  If your finance section requires a formal document with this information in order to generate a purchase order, then please let us know and we will be happy to provide this to you.

B)    Hourly rate, per individual instrument - this is reflected on top right hand corner of the instrument booking page.  You will see this rate once you have completed the relevant training and have a booking licence for the instrument.

External / Industry Clients:

Please contact CMM by phone (07 3346 3944) or by email and we will get back to you to discuss your requirements in detail.


If you are undertaking your first bloc training course in SEM and TEM then you will be required to commit to a training and skills enhancement credit of $400.  This credit will include 10 hours of access time on the instrument for which you have trained and can be used for your research project and to enhance you knowledge.  The credit is available for 3 months from your initial training and is not transferable to other users or other techniques.

One to one training sessions (where CMM staff assist a client on an instrument) will be charged per hour by calculating the instrument time as well as staff time.  Staff rates as below:

$40/hr – UQ client

$50/hr – Associate client

$200/hr – External client

Example: $40 (Instrument XY) plus $40 (assistance) = $80 to invoice.

Payment for service i.e. clients who want us to do the work

Similar to training above.  This work will be charged per hour by calculating the instrument time as well as staff time.  Staff rates as below:

$40/hr – UQ client

$50/hr – Associate client

$200/hr – External client

Example: $40 (Instrument XY) plus $40 (staff time) = $80 to invoice.

Please note that if you cancel your session 24 hours prior to the booking, then the session will be charged the full rate - unless you are able to transfer your booking to someone else.  Please email your project administrator or to transfer your booking.


Quarterly billing.

Supervisors will receive a CMM usage statement along with session details for each member in their group.

Supervisors may request their group's usage at any time.  Please email for this information.

Support for Grant Writers

The Australian Research Council (ARC) and National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC) provide grants to academic researchers. A correct and final grant budget requires instrument time, material preparation and support staff fees. To help you calculate these project-related costs, Microscopy Australia has provided a Grant Application Guide and online tools to calculate these costs and justify your chosen technique, instrument and location.

Each UQ internal project intended to run only at CMM incurs so-called internal costs in terms of instrument time, material preparation effort and staff input. We are happy to help you (UQ CI's and UQ researchers) get these specific numbers right for projects using only CMM resources - please email Roger Wepf and request a cost estimate quotation for your usage at CMM.



To assist in the use of our range of advanced microscopy and microanalysis equipment, the Centre offers education and training that enables clients to reach a level of proficiency where they can operate independently.  The majority of clients accessing the Centre participate in educational instruction - link to more information on our training page.

Training dates 2020.

Techniques offered.

All clients need to undertake the relevant OH&S lab inductions before they can access CMM facilities.

Booking your instrument


When you have completed your instrument training and received a booking licence, as well as the relevant laboratory safety inductions, you can go ahead an book your instrument using the CMM booking database (PPMS).

Publishing your work


Clients are requested to acknowledge CMM in all publications generated through the assistance of CMM staff and the use of CMM facilities. When you are publishing your research, please remember to acknowledge the assistance of CMM staff, the role of our facilities and expertise. Acknowledgments demonstrate that investments in equipment and people have led to important outcomes. Your publications, presentations, and posters are a vital part of the business case for ongoing funding of any platform – “we help you and you us”.

Please acknowledge CMM as follows:

"The authors acknowledge the facilities, and the scientific and technical assistance, of the Microscopy Australia Facility at the Centre for Microscopy and Microanalysis, The University of Queensland" 

In brief:

“The author(s) acknowledge(s) the support of MA at the Center for Microscopy and Microanalysis at the University of Queensland”

If authors wish to single out CMM support staff, or –when appropriate- include them as co-authors(s), they, of course, are welcome do so.

In addition, all published work that includes use of CMM should be reported to CMM administration and be collected in the CMM publication database. Therefore, please send a copy of, or reference to your paper to

If you have any questions regarding access to CMM facilities, please contact our Client Liaison Officer Jenny Brown on​