Mass Spectrometry

Bringing a Mass Spectrometry Imaging Facility to The University of Queensland is the result of a joint initiative betweenthe Centre for Advanced Imaging and CMM.

If you have any questions regarding Mass Spectrometry Imaging
please contact Dr Brett Hamilton



Bruker Amazon Speed with ETD Bruker MicroTOF Q II
Ultraflex III (x2) Proteineer Spotting Robot
Image Prep (x2) Thermo Quantum Ultra QqQMS with HPLC (UV and Fluorescence)
Bruker Autoflex Speed  

Electron Beam Lithography


Providing a suite of Electron Beam Lithography instrumentation.

If you have any questions regarding Electron Beam Lithography
please contact Dr Elliot Cheng.


RAITH EBPG 5150 EBL CEE Apogee Coater and Hot Plate (in EBL clean room)
RAITH e-Line Plus SEM & EBL  Diener Atto Plasma System (in EBL clean room)
Bruker Dektak XT Stylus Profiler (in EBL clean room) SCI Filmtek 2000M Reflectometer (in EBL clean room)

X-ray Fluorescence

If you have any questions regarding XRF
please contact Dr Lachlan Casey.