The Centre for Microscopy and Microanalysis is pleased to announce the installation of the Waters MRT. This is the first of these instruments to be installed in Australia and the 2nd installed globally. The instrument was purchased with a Microscopy Australia grant funded by the Commonwealth, the Queensland Government and the University of Queensland (NCRIS/RICF) and will be available to researchers via CMM, as per other Microscopy Australia funded equipment at UQ-CMM. The Waters MRT is fundamentally a mass spectrometry imaging (MSI) orientated instrument, providing excellent spatially resolved mass spectrometry for lipids and metabolites using desorption electrospray (DESI) and lipids, metabolites and peptides using matrix assisted laser desorption ionisation (MALDI). The mass resolution is typically 200,000, and mass accuracy typically sub ppm, which allows for excellent confirmation of the molecular formula for species observed during MSI analysis.

MSI for lipids, metabolites, all at high mass accuracy, will be possible with this instrument. It also allows for high mass resolution LC-MS analysis of antibody fragments and proteins.

Location: Hawken Building #50 (Room L106)

Contact: Brett Hamilton:

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