This system is a triple quadrupole mass spectrometer capable of fast positive negative mode switching, and is coupled to a Dionex HPLC with UV (variable wavelength detector – up to 4 wavelengths) and Fluorescence detectors. It is a low mass resolution mass spectrometer. The configuration of this system allows the system to be used for quick turnaround direct injection methods and LC-UV-FLD-QqQ. The direct injection method is a 1.5 minute method, running a full scan from 80-1500 m/z in both positive and negative modes – very useful for checking reaction products and compound verification. Direct injection bypasses the UV and FLD, and reduces the risk of sample contamination (from previous samples) when infusion syringes and lines are shared. The LC-UV-FLD-QqQ workflow allows the option to use any or all of the 3 detectors, and the QqQ can be programmed for full scan or SRM (MRM) – allowing for qualitative and quantitative analyses.

Location: Gehrmann Building Level 1

Contact: Brett Hamilton:

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