X-ray Material Science & Spectrometry Instruments

Contact: Dr Alison White
X-ray Material Science & Spectrometry Lab Manager

The X-ray analysis facility at CMM is based on level two of the Chemistry building and provides a range of X-ray techniques, including diffraction, scattering, spectroscopy and imaging, for studying chemical composition, nano-scale size and crystalline phases in a range of materials. The facility provides complementary techniques to the electron-based methods afforded by the AIBN, QBP and Hawken Laboratories and to the macromolecular diffraction facilities in the QBP laboratories through small-angle scattering and small-molecule diffraction techniques.

Chemistry Building 68
Level 2
68 Cooper Road 
St Lucia, Queensland 4072

Xenocs Xeuss 2.0 SAXS 
Bruker D8 Advance powder XRD
Rigaku SmartLab thin-film and micro-diffraction XRD
Kratos Axis Supra Plus XPS
NanoFilm EP3 Imaging Ellipsometry
Rigaku Supermini XRF