X-ray diffraction can be used to investigate the crystalline structure of films and non-isotropic samples.  Examples of such investigations include the determination of the orientation of crystallites at surfaces (e.g. in epitaxial growth experiments), grazing-incidence diffraction measurements from thin films and studying superlattice structures.

X-ray reflectometery (XRR) can be used to study non-crystalline layers on substrate materials to probe the nano-scale structure perpendicular to a surface of the substrate.

Microdiffraction is a technique which allows diffraction measurements to be carried out selectively on small areas.  This method is essential for materials which are too small to be measured in a traditional X-ray diffraction beam or where mapping of the sample is required.

The Rigaku SmartLab is a highly versatile XRD instrument and which features a 9 kW Cu rotating anode source; a variety of collimation options including 2 and 4 bounce Ge-Monochromators for HRXRD and capillary optics for micro diffraction; a cryo-stream (capillary/transmission optics only) that allows XRPD measurements from ca. 90 K to 600 K; a 5 axis goniometer, a domed furnace (reflectance geometry) that allows XRPD measurements from ambient to 1100 °C;  and a two-dimensional hybrid pixel array detector.  It can be configured to carry out a wide range of experiments on a wide range of sample types including: XRR measurements, in-plane and out-of-plane GI diffraction, texture analysis, reciprocal space mapping, HRXRD, microdiffraction and 2D mapping of samples.

To determine if experiments and/or samples are suitable in this instrument it is recommended that you contact the instrument scientist.

The instrument’s specifications are:

•    Geometry: 5-Axis Geometry
•    Source: Cu anode, rotating 9kW
•    Detector: HyPix-3000 Hybrid Pixel Array Detector
•    Conditions: Atmosphere
•    Setup: Anton-Paar DHS 1100 heating stage, cooling, Capillary stage, Mapping Stage,
•    Analysis package: DiffracPlus EVA, TOPAS, Siroquant V4, HighScore

Location: Chemistry Building

Contact: Anya Yago; a.yago@uq.edu.au


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