Material Science Instruments

Contact: Ron Rasch
Material Science Microscopy Lab Manager

The Hawken laboratory houses scanning electron microscopes and novel imaging instruments.  There are a series of scanning electron microscopes that can examine a very broad range of sample types.  Many of these instruments are capable of microanalysis using a wide variety of techniques. The laboratory houses a microprobe instrument that provides quantitative elemental analysis from polished specimens.

The Novel Imaging component of Hawken offers a range of mass spectrometry, electron beam lithography and X-Ray Fluorescence instrumentation. The mass spectrometry component is led by Dr Brett Hamilton.  The EBL instrumentation and clean room are led by Dr Elliot Cheng.  Lachlan Casey leads the X-Ray Fluorescence instrumentation that is housed at the X-Ray Material Science & Spectrometry Laboratory.


Hawken Building 50
Cooper Road 
St Lucia, Queensland, 4072

JEOL JSM-7800F SEM EBSDEvactron Plasma Cleaner
JEOL JSM-7001F  EDSRenishaw RAMAN Microscope
JEOL JXA-8200 EPMA WDS/EDS - MicroprobeRAITH e-Line Plus SEM & EBL 
Hitachi SU3500-A SEM EDSCEE Apogee Coater and Hot Plate (in EBL clean room)
Hitachi SU3500-B SEMDiener Atto Plasma System (in EBL clean room)
Hitachi HF5000 TEMBruker Dektak XT Stylus Profiler (in EBL clean room)
Quorum Q150T metal coaterSCI Filmtek 2000M Reflectometer (in EBL clean room)
Quorum Q150T carbon coaterOlympus BX41 Upright Light Microscope
Olympus DSX1000 – Digital Optical Microscope Struers Accutom 50
Struers CitoPress-15Struers Tegramin-20
Gatan PIPS