The DSX1000 is an all-in-one optical microscope with digital zoom up to 7000x (from 20x) for sample characterisation. The tilting head allows sample imaging from multiple angles and the high performance, high numerical aperture objective lenses allow for excellent accuracy and precision in measurements. A selection of lenses are available to find the best magnification, working distance and resolution for a given sample.

Suitable for:

Particle size/shape analysis above 500 nm (analysis script separate) 
Imaging large areas using stitch/mapping function
Height profiling
Accurate thickness measurements
Sample surface topography
Roughness measurement
Failure analysis
Stereo 3D imaging of bulk non-mounted specimens of any material type


All in one system with wide magnification range
High resolution imaging with high magnification
Long working distance objectives
Multiple observation modes with one click
Highly accurate and precise measurements at all magnifications
X, Y mapping available for 2D and 3D imaging
Flexibility to inspect larger samples (LxWxH 100x100x40 mm size)

LensNAWD (mm)MagnificationBFDFPODIC
1X Extra Long WD 0.0351.7020x – 140xxx x
10x Long WD0.30


280x – 2800x

40x Long WD0.804.50560x – 5600xxxxx

10x High Resolution
0.256.50140x – 1400xxxxx
50x High Resolution0.950.35700x – 7000xx xx