This HR-SEM has been transformed into a cryo-SEM, which can be also used for room-temperature applications. It has two liquid nitrogen dewars that are decoupled for a more efficient and rapid cooling of the cryo-stage and the cryo-shield. The cryo-specimens are usually pre-processed by freeze fracture (on BAF-060) and are then transferred to the pre-cooled stage (-150 °C) through a VCT-100 dock mounted on the microscope. Specimens are kept under vacuum conditions throughout the workflow. The Zeiss Sigma uses a Schottky (Thermionic) field-emission (T-FE) electron gun. It is equipped with a Gemini column, which is the area of the FESEM where electrons are emitted, accelerated, bundled, focused, and deflected. The main characteristics of the Gemini ® optics are the beam booster and an objective lens that consists of combined electrostatic and electromagnetic lenses.

Location: AIBN

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