The Bruker Daltonics Ultraflextreme is a MALDI-TOF/TOF mass spectrometer, and uses smartbeam™ II laser technology, with a repetition rate tunable from 1 to 2000 Hz, and an adjustable focus size from 10 μm to 80 μm. The instrument can be operated in linear mode with mass range of 500k, at very high sensitivity to measure large molecules. If higher mass resolution (up to 40,000) and mass accuracy is required, the instrument can be operated in reflectron mode. MS/MS experiments can be performed in LIFT mode, or using ISD processes. Typical experiments that can be carried out include rapid MALDI spot analysis, LC-MALDI analyses, and Tissue Imaging. In addition to the hardware we have several software packages for data analyses including, Flex Imaging and SCILs lab for Tissue Imaging data, WARP-LC, Biotools and Mascot for LC-MALDI proteomics data, and ClinProt Tools for clustering and modelling of large MALDI spot data sets. We also have recently added PEAKS Studio to allow for denovo sequencing and peptides searches orthogonal to Mascot.

Location: Hawken Building #50 (Room L106)

Contact: Brett Hamilton:

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