Rock Imager is an automated imaging system for protein crystallization.  This robust, easy-to-use solution incubates and captures superior-quality images of up to 1000 microplates on a user-defined schedule. Load your plates and go. 

Key Features Include

  • Superior optics and intelligent imaging provide industry-leading image quality
  • 20C imager has the Ultraviolet (UV) option:  Determine if your crystals are protein or salt and find crystals in optically turbulent environments.
  • Automatically images plates on user-defined schedules
  • Peltier heat exchanger regulates temperature to +/- 0.5°C with a range of 5°C below or 7°C above room temperature
  • Compressor cooling option (RI1000 only) for precise temperature control from 30°C down to 4°C
  • SBS and Microbatch plate compatible (Linbro and Qiagen EasyXtal plates optional)
  • Seamless integration with Rock Maker or your current crystallization software via Rock Imager API

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