The NanoAnalyzer can be used for the multiparameter characterization (size distribution, absolute particle concentration and phenotyping) of natural and synthetic nanoparticles (7-1000 nm) at the single-particle level. The instrument combines light scattering and fluorescence detection, to acquire high-resolution distributions of particle size and biochemical properties simultaneously in 1-2 minutes.

Suitable for:

Particles sized between 7 and 1000 nm (sample dependant)  

Hard or soft synthetic particles

Biological particles ((purified) extracellular vesicles, mitochondria, bacteria, viruses etc)  


Quantitative, multiparameter single particle analysis

High resolution distribution of particle size  

Single molecule fluorescence detection

Simultaneous quantification of sub-populations with two markers

Fast measurement time  

Dual laser capability

Location: AIBN Building 75, Level 5 E Room 516

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