The Hitachi NX5000 ETHOS FIB-SEM incorporates a FIB column for sample processing and a SEM column for high-magnification imaging in one platform. ETHOS is equipped with a magnetic/electrostatic compound lens system as well as a high brightness CFE (Cold Field Emission) electron gun with superb beam brightness and stability, which is beneficial for observations at low accelerating voltages. The SEM column can be configured as two lens modes: High Resolution (HR) mode obtains ultimate resolution by immersing the sample within the magnetic field of the lens system; Field Free (FF) mode allows real-time monitoring of FIB processing procedure. A maximum output ion beam current of 100nA and user programmable recipes allow fast auto material processing and observation. An additional third low energy Ar broad ion beam as the final polishing step for TEM lamellas is less destructive and reduces Ga ion related milling artefacts, resulting in high quality TEM lamellas. The Hitachi NX5000 ETHOS FIB-SEM is a great tool for 2D and 3D structure and compositional analysis on a broad range of materials such as semiconductors, nanotechnology, materials science, medicine, and biology, for nano-/micro structure fabrication, cross-sectional observation and analysis, TEM lamellas and 3D volume reconstruction of materials.

Location: AIBN

Contact: Hui Diao on

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