Two Hitachi HT7700 120kV TEMs are located in the AIBN laboratory.  Both are equipped with a dual-focus objective aperture and so are capable of swapping between high contrast and high resolution modes.  These microscopes are easy to use and ergonomically designed. Without a viewing chamber the microscopes have instead, a screen camera so all operations can be performed digitally sitting in front of a computer screen, rather than the microscope column.  Both microscopes also have AXT 2kx2k CMOS digital cameras which allow fast acquisition and great sensitivity.

The instruments are configured differently:

• One is equipped with a LaB6 filament and has an Exalens system which consist of a special objective lens configuration, achieving a smaller spherical aberration coefficient and so high resolution, 0.144nm at 120kV.

• The other instrument is equipped with STEM imaging with both bright field and dark field detectors. It also has a Bruker EDS system for elemental analysis.

Several holders are available for use with these microscopes:

• Standard single specimen holders

• Multi-specimen holder taking three grids

• Double tilt holder

• Low background holder for X-ray analysis

These microscopes are incredibly versatile and will suit viewing and analysis of a wide range of samples from
both the materials and biologicals disciplines.


Location: AIBN

Contact: Kathryn Green on

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