This is an inverted fluorescence microscope with a fully motorised stage and software integration.

Suitable for:

  • Imaging fixed or risk group 1 biological material and soft matter
  • Imaging capabilities: DIC, Brightfield, Fluorescence (5 filters: DAPI, CFP, GFP, YFP and TxRed)


  • Motorised X-Y-Z stage
  • Universal stage holder
  • Epifluorescence illumination: Nikon intensilight C-HGFIE
  • Nikon DS-Qi1Mc monochrome camera with Digital Sight DS-U3 controller
  • Multichannel, mulit-point, z-stack and custom acquisitions


ModelMagnificationNAWD (mm)ImmersionImaging mode
Plan Fluor10x0.316DryDIC, BF, FL
Plan Fluor20x0.52.1DryDIC, BF, FL
Plan Fluor40x0.750.66DryDIC, BF, FL
Plan Apo40x10.12OilBF
Plan Apo VC60x1.40.13OilDIC, BF, FL
Plan Apo VC100x1.40.13OilDIC, BF, FL

Fluorescent Filter Sets:

PositionNameExcitationEmissionSuitable Dyes
1DM400340-380435-485DAPI, Hoechst
2CFP438/24483/32CFP, Cerulean
3DM505450-490520FITC, eGFP, AF488
4YFP500/24542/27eYFP, mVenus

Location: AIBN Building 75, Room 117

Contact: Nicole Schieber