TEM Training Course

TEM Introduction Lecture
AIBN (Bldg 75) Level 1 Seminar Room, 9am - 11am

This lecture will cover the theoretical background of TEM and provide an overview of the essential operation of a TEM.  

It will cover the following topics: an introduction to the electron and its properties, electron-matter interactions, the illumination system including, electron guns, electromagnetic lenses, apertures and lens aberrations, the imaging system, contrast mechanisms, and operator control of the instrument.

The lecture will be followed by a discussion with new clients on their project, their requirements and expectations and a practical TEM introduction at the AIBN lab the week after, starting Monday.

TEM Practical Training
AIBN (Bldg 75) Level 1 Room 112

2 Sessions daily: 10am - 12pm and 1pm - 3pm
This part of the course involves hands-on practical training at the TEM over 3 x 2hr sessions held Monday - Wednesday.

During the first sessions, your trainer will individually assess your progress, and when you have demonstrated competency in a test, you will be given a 3-month license on the instrument. We extend your license if you continue to use the microscope throughout these 3 months following training (equating to a minimum of 10 hours of independent microscopy time).  If you have not returned within this period or have less than 10 hours of independent microscope use, you must repeat the competency test. Please note that the training credit will be applied (explanation below); this is our way to ensure you consolidate the training in the months following the initial training.

Training Credit

If you are undertaking your first block training course in SEM and TEM then you must commit to a training and skills enhancement credit fee of $400. This credit will include 10 hours of access time and can be used for your research project to enhance your knowledge.  The credit is available for 3 months from your initial training and is not transferable to other users or techniques.

If you are seeking TEM training, please be ready to start your TEM research immediatly, this means that you have your samples ready and a thorough knowledge of how to prepare your samples.  If you are not ready, please email Nicole Schieber to estimate an appropriate time for your training.


1No lecture9 January  - 11 January
220 January30 January - 1 February
324 February27 February - 1 March
431 March3 April - 5 April
528 April2 May - 4 May (Public Holiday 1 May)
628 April22 May - 24 May
72 June5 June - 7 June
830 June3 July - 5 July
928 July31 July - 2 August
101 September4 September - 6 September
1129 September3 October - 5 October (Public Holiday 2 October)
1227 October30 October - 1 November

Any queries about this course please email Nicole Schieber