Client reviews


I really feel a great improvement for my microscopy skills from the CMM training. It gives me a new eyesight about the microanalysis. I didn’t know we can actually use so many advanced techniques to characterize and get so much information from the images and spectra until I came to CMM. Particularly, the theory classes of the SEM and XPS are so useful that I can understand better about the materials. All the CMM staff are very supportive and very nice. I really appreciate the discussion with the CMM staff which benefits me a lot. I believe the CMM experience will boost my research in the future.

Quinglan Zhao, Undergrad student 

The Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology 


The Centre for Clean Environment and Energy (CCEE) in Griffith University has been using the world class instrumental facilities of the Centre for Microscopy and Microanalysis (CMM) for more than ten years. It is our great pleasure that we published a large number of high-impact scientific articles using the SEM, HRTEM, Raman, XPS etc. data obtained from the CMM facility. Specially, the high quality TEM images obtained from CMM were mainly possible due to the intensive training and guidance provided by the highly qualified and friendly CMM staff. I would say, CMM has established a state-of-the-art protocol for all of its instruments including the health and safety training arrangements. I believe that CMM can contribute a large extent to the fundamental or industrial research in a wider research community.

Mohammad Al-Mamun, Research Fellow

Centre for Clean Environment and Energy, Griffith University


When I first stepped into CMM labs, I felt doubtful about my ability to learn all the state-of-the-art instruments. But, actually, with the help of the competent CMM staff, I acquired the skills in a short time. Also, the CMM staff always make you feel welcome and kindly help you analyze the data. I really enjoy the CMM training courses. My knowledge about SEM and TEM both in theory and in practice has increased significantly thanks to all the CMM staff. I really appreciate all the help that CMM has provided to us in our nanoparticle preparation projects.

Junrong Li, PhD student

Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology


For the past decade as a client of CMM I have always felt welcome. I have also felt as being on good hands while interacting with its competent and open-minded staff.

Dr Bogdan C. Donose, Research Fellow

School of Chemical Engineering


My research thesis relied heavily on my ability to visualise micron scale detail in coal cleat pathways. The support and guidance offered by the CMM team was exceptional as they consistently provided tailored advice which maximised my time on the SEM. I would strongly encourage any RHD student who wants to take the stress out of microanalysis to become involved with CMM.

Shilo Anthony Mahoney, RHD Student

School of Chemical Engineering


We recently published a paper in Crystal Growth & Design, which included SEM work conducted at CMM. One reviewer commented that it was “a very good piece of work that deserves the best possible presentation. The SEM work is first-class – the photographs are some of the best I’ve seen”

My student Weng clearly had great training and support from CMM to accomplish this as he had no other experience with advanced microscopy prior to his PhD studies.

Dr James Vaughan, Director

UQ Rio Tinto Bauxite  & Alumnia Technology Centre


In just a short period of time the CMM has trained me how to use my very first Scanning Electron Microscope, all the way up to their most sophisticated state-of-the-art facilities. It is only through the centre’s culture of providing the best training possible and the staff’s obvious passion for microscopy that I have been able to gain the know-how so quickly. Working in the CMM laboratories has been a very enjoyable experience.

James Mead, PhD Student

School of Mechanical and Mining Engineering


I really enjoy the working experience in CMM. All the colleagues in CMM are passionate and caring persons. I really appreciated all the help and support I received from CMM.

Personally, I wonder if it would be better for the CMM staff to recommend some books and good information source of basic knowledge during training period. I remember at beginning I struggle to find a good fundamental knowledge book and other TEM related source. 

Ming Li, PhD Student

School of Chemical Engineering


CMM labs house many cutting edge characterization facilities, which is essential for my projects and is the most important reason for me to stay with CMM over the years. The staffs in CMM are very helpful and are always ready to have discussion with clients on the specific needs of clients' projects. The labs are clean and organized and are very pleasant to work in.

Mingyuan Lu, PhD Student

School of Mechanical and Mining Engineering


The instruments and highly qualified personnel of the Centre for Microscopy and Microanalysis provide tremendous support ensuring the success of both doctoral student and postdoctoral fellow research from the Vale-Geomicrobiology Laboratory. This world-class facility empowers our interdisciplinary, materials research that is centred on the structural and functional relationship of microbe-mineral interactions from a wide range of Earth systems. With the support of CMM, our research strives for global relevance by addressing challenges of sustainability through the application of biogeochemical processes. 

Jeremiah Shuster, Postdoctoral Fellow

School of Earth Sciences


CMM offers a great environment for very specialized microscopy work but also for learners like myself. The staff invest a lot of time in training new users and establishing protocols that fit best to the sample you want to image. There is always someone around willing to help or answer questions. The lab is very well equipped and well-organized and everybody makes an effort to maintain it in that condition. I would totally recommend CMM's services to anyone new or old to the microscopy world!

Michelle Achlatis, PhD Candidate

Coral Reef Ecosystems Lab and ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies