Microscopy Australia survey - identifying future priorities that will push the boundaries of scientific knowledge and innovation.

30 May 2024

Micro, Nano, Pico, Femto….what next?

Microscopy Australia (MA) invites you to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of Microscopy and Microanalysis capabilities in Australia.

As part of our commitment to providing access to cutting-edge instruments and expertise, we are looking to ensure that Australian researchers - You - are equipped with the tools they need to drive groundbreaking research in the years ahead.

As leading researchers, scientists and scientific platform staff, your insights are invaluable. You have a deep understanding of the emerging needs within your research community and are uniquely positioned to identify the future priorities that will propel scientific knowledge and innovation to new heights.

We are eager to hear your perspectives on what should be prioritized to meet the evolving research needs. Specifically, we are interested in learning about new or upgraded capabilities that could enable you to perform experiments that are currently constrained or unfeasible with the existing facilities in Australia.

Please take a few moments – think big - and share your thoughts by participating in the 'Australia’s Future Needs in Microscopy and Microanalysis' survey, available HERE.

The survey will remain open until June 30th. We encourage you to share this survey with your colleagues and networks, as their input is equally important.

Your feedback will directly influence the development of future microscopy and microanalysis infrastructure, ensuring that Australia remains at the forefront of scientific excellence. Thank you for your contribution to this vital initiative.

Instrumentation at the University of Waterloo Canada