Frontiers Seminar - New Generation Environmental In Situ TEM holder for Correlative Research Across Multiple Platforms

29 May 2024

Please join us for a Frontiers in Microscopy Seminar on Wednesday 29 May.
Date/Time: Wednesday, 29 May 2024, 1300 – 14:30 (AEST)
Title: New Generation Environmental In Situ TEM holder for Correlative Research Across Multiple Platforms  
Presenter: Dr. Hugo Pérez-Garza; CEO of DENSsolutions, Netherlands
Venue: Michie Building, Seminar Room 09-201


In situ transmission electron microscopy (TEM) experiments have seen significant advancements in both liquid and gas phases with the development of MEMS-based sample carriers such as liquid Nano-Cells and gas Nano-Reactors. These developments have enabled the study of various phenomena including materials nucleation and growth, ion batteries, electrocatalysts and more.  

In response to these challenges faced by existing TEM sample holder with only 4 electrical contacts, DENSsolutions have introduced a new platform for in situ and operando environmental TEM experiments with 8 electrical contacts and multiple liquid or gas inlets. This improved design compatible with different TEM brands facilitates the application of thermal and electrical stimuli alongside controlled liquid or gas flow mixing and closer simulation of real world application environments. The liquid Nano-Cells and gas Nano-Reactors integrated into the holder contain a heater and multiple biasing electrodes for combined electrochemical and thermal experiments. The holder’s design allows for tip rotation, enabling users to position the sample on either the top or bottom for both TEM and STEM imaging modes, respectively, without disrupting the temperature, potential, or environmental conditions. Furthermore, tip flipping can be executed seamlessly, ensuring continuity in experiments.  

This presentation successfully demonstrates the capabilities of our unique environmental systems through TEM and STEM imaging, energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS), and 4D-STEM analysis. A number of experimental examples will be shown that will explain how our new platform can be used in correlative studies involving different experimental methods like in situ TEM, SEM and X-ray (synchrotrons). We believe that our platform represents a significant advancement, offering researchers unprecedented control and flexibility in studying dynamic processes in various environments.

All welcome!

Some background information on the presenter:

Dr. Pérez-Garza holds a PhD in Nano-engineering, along with multiple master’s degrees, and has been recognised for his scientific contributions at international conferences worldwide. His expertise lies in developing Nano-devices for various applications, earning DENSsolutions recognition as the most innovative company in Hardware development by Deloitte in 2018. His contributions to in-situ microscopy were honoured in consecutive years with the “Microscopy Today Innovation of the Year” Award from the Microscopy Society of America. More recently he has been recognized for his innovative leadership, earning accolades such as the “10 Most Influential CEOs in 2023” by Chief Navigators Magazine and the “Most Innovative CEO in the Nanotechnology Industry” by Business Worldwide Magazine in 2022.