New Lab Manager at CMM - Life Science and Soft Matter Facility

31 January 2022

CMM is pleased to announce that Nicole Schieber is the new Lab Manager to the Life Science and Soft Matter laboratory at CMM.

Nicole has more than 14 years' experience in electron microscopy covering a broad range of techniques and applications in life-science.  Nicole has returned to CMM bringing expertise in electron microscopy, specialising in methods development in 3D volume EM and correlative light and electron microscopy (CLEM).

She was previously Lab Manager of the well-respected lab from Dr Yannick Schwab at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory in Heidelberg, which is known for its leading role in CLEM applications in life-science.  Nicole worked in different roles in Yannick's lab for more than 7 years and 4 years in the role as Lab Manager at EMBL.  Nicole entered the field of electron microscopy for her honours project as part of her Bachelor of Marine Studies (Marine Biology and Ecology) at The University of Queensland (UQ)  in 2007.

In her capacity as Lab Manager, Nicole aims to continue to support the needs of users with a focus to facilitate correlative imaging across the comprehensive suite of capabilities available within the CMM and with Microscopy Australia and its partner laboratories.  Her own special interest is to continue in methods development in 3D volume EM and CLEM across a variety of applications. 

Let us give Nicole a warm welcome to CMM at UQ and please don't hesitate to contact her for any life-science or soft matter project that you have in mind.

Tel:  +61 7 3346 3895
Mobile: +61 487 788 387

Connect with Nicole on LinkedIn and Twitter.

In the office Monday to Friday