CVL@Wiener used for the 1,000th time

4 December 2020
3D SEM (Zeiss) with 3View System (Gatan). Inset: reconstructed 3D Mitochondria network highlighting the complexity of mouse liver cells ‘energy supply organelle’ (biopsy)

After almost six months of being connected to the Characterisation Virtual Laboratory (CVL), RCC-managed high-performance computer Wiener hit an important milestone this month when it was used for the one-thousandth time via the imaging platform.

Dr Rubbiya Ali, Data Informatics Manager at CMM, was CVL@Wiener’s one-thousandth user when she ran it in an image processing workshop for CMM staff.

CVL is freely available nationwide to researchers and integrates high-value Australian imaging instruments with specialised computing capabilities to offer a common remote desktop environment.

The desktop presentation platform is hosted in the national research cloud to support data analysis, data management and collaboration, and enables researchers to leverage a local system for imaging workloads.

In collaboration with Monash University, RCC is integrating its work into the CVL so users can launch a desktop, including on Wiener (known informally as CVL@Wiener), via the portal and access more than 300 scientific imaging tools.