Lecture series for Advanced Transmission Electron Microscopy

14 October 2020

To enhance the fundamental knowledge for the Centre for Microscopy & Microanalysis TEM and STEM users, particularly for those users working on solid materials, a series of advanced transmission electron microscopy lectures will be presented by Professor Jin Zou and Professor Roger Wepf through zoom-lectures on a weekly basis (between 3.00PM and 5.00PM Tuesday afternoons).


Lecture 1: Electron optics and TEM structure (20/10/2020)

Lecture 2: Electron diffraction (27/10/2020)

Lecture 3: Diffraction contrast in TEM (3/11/2020)

Lecture 4: Phase contrast in TEM (10/11/2020)

Lecture 5: X-ray microanalysis in TEM (17/11/2020)

Lecture 6: Electron energy loss spectroscopy in TEM (24/11/2020)

Lecture 7: STEM and Analytical TEM (1/12/2020)

Lecture 8: Cs-corrected S/TEM (8/12/2020)

Zoom link will be sent to registered participants on Tuesday 20th October.