CryOZ Symposium 2023

23 November 2023

The 4th CryOZ Symposium will be hosted by The University of Queensland and will feature talks from researchers and field leaders regarding the development and application of cryo-electron microscopy techniques to answer fundamental biological questions. CryOZ will highlight the latest advancements in Cryo-EM in Australia and feature  presentations from vendors regarding the latest developments in instrumentation and software.

This symposium is a great opportunity for students, postdocs, professional staff, ECRs, MCRs and senior investigators to interact, discuss and present their findings. The two day meeting will feature poster presentations and mini-orals as well as selected speaking slots.

Workshops:  21-22 November
Location:  CMM/Structural Biology Laboratory, Queensland Bioscience Precinct,
Building 80

Symposium:  23-24 November
Location:  Abel Smith Lecture Theatre, Building 21, Room 101

CRYOZ 2023 - program and registration
All welcome!