New HF5000 Beamline Scientist - Material Science Microscopy Lab

26 October 2022

CMM is pleased to announce that Dr Joseph Otte is the new HF5000 Beamline Scientist at the Material Science Microscopy Lab.

Joseph obtained his Bachelor of Chemical and Materials Engineering degree from The University of Queensland in 2018, continuing study at UQ and receiving a PhD degree in Materials Engineering in 2022. His research background is in nanoscale design of titanium matrix composite materials utilising additive manufacturing. Joseph’s expertise is in TEM analysis utilising HRTEM, electron diffraction, STEM imaging, EDX, EELS and other analytical TEM techniques including in situ TEM, particularly in situ heating using MEMS chips. Joseph also has extensive experience in TEM sample preparation using FIB. His current responsibilities involve client training and technical assistance on the Hitachi HF5000 CS corrected TEM/STEM system, including the full workflow from sample prep to imaging and data analysis.

Let us give Joseph a warm welcome to CMM at UQ and please don't hesitate to contact him for any TEM related projects especially in the materials science and engineering space and those projects requiring ultra-high resolution TEM/STEM imaging and analysis.

Tel:  +61 435914697

Contactable Monday - Friday