EQUS start-up secures $3 million in seed funding

18 October 2022

EQUS start-up Analog Quantum Circuits (AQC) has received an investment of $3 million from Uniseed to fund the development of key components required for the scale up of quantum computing.

AQC was founded by EQUS Chief Investigators Professor Tom Stace and Associate Professor Arkady Fedorov, who will drive the development to meet the needs of the internationally growing quantum computing industry.

AQC’s inaugural CEO, Tom Stace, said, “AQC develops core microwave technologies for superconducting quantum computers, which are one of the most promising platforms being pursued globally.  We are very pleased to be partnering with Uniseed to bring this to market.”

AQC builds on research funded by the Australian Research Council (ARC), through EQUS and Future Fellowships held by the founders.

EQUS Director Andrew White said, “Tom and Arkady have been working on this technology for over 5 years, and it is fabulous to see EQUS’ fundamental research being translated to address real needs in the sector.”

Professor Halina Rubinsztein-Dunlop AO, Director of EQUS’ innovative Translational Research Program (TRP), said “the TRP provided the research team with translation funding and expert support to help turn this promising research into the business we are seeing launched today.”

Professor Arkady Fedorov

"Commercial microwave circulators are expensive and bulky which presents bottlenecks for future development of large-scale superconducting quantum processors. In collaboration with a theory group of Prof. T. Stace, our lab has been working on integration of a circulator on a chip using superconducting quantum technology. A PhD student, R. Navarathna, used an electron beam lithography from CMM to fabricate several prototype devices which showed promise for an implementation of an integrated circulator. Analog Quantum Circuits will further develop this technology to achieve performance of these devices relevant for commercial applications. Nano lithography at CMM will be a critical facility for this development".

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Raith EBPG 5150 EBL

Raith EBPG 5150 EBL

A fully automated, high performance E-beam writer hosted in a class 10,000 cleanroom with full 150 mm writing capability. This is the latest and fastest EBL within Australia to date, capable of delivering beam currents from 0.1 to 350 nA at100 kV, with a 125 Mhz pattern generator. The system has a maximum deflection up to 1 x 1 mm and can accommodate exposure settings with spot sizes from 2 nm to 350 nm (defocussed) automatically.




RAITH e-Line Plus Electron Beam Lithography SEM

RAITH e-Line Plus Electron Beam Lithography SEM

A multi-purpose, high resolution, E-beam writer hosted in a class 10,000 cleanroom with 100 mm full writing capability. This system also caters a variety of different applications from nanolithography, to high resolution large area imaging, material deposition and etching. The minimum beam size is 1.5 nA and 3.4 nA at 20 kV and 1 kV of acceleration voltage. 


Location: Hawken Building #50 (Cleanroom L117)

Contact: Elliot Cheng h.cheng6@uq.edu.au