Help us help you

6 April 2020

Clients are requested to acknowledge CMM in all publications generated through the assistance of CMM staff and the use of CMM facilities. When you are publishing your research, please remember to acknowledge the assistance of CMM staff, the role of our facilities and expertise.

Acknowledgments demonstrate that investments in equipment and people have led to important outcomes. Your publications, presentations, and posters are a vital part of the business case for ongoing funding of any platform – “we help you and you help us”.

Please acknowledge CMM as follows:

"The authors acknowledge the facilities, and the scientific and technical assistance, of the Microscopy Australia Facility at the Centre for Microscopy and Microanalysis, The University of Queensland" 

In brief:

“The author(s) acknowledge(s) the support of Microscopy Australia at the Centre for Microscopy and Microanalysis at The University of Queensland”

If authors wish to single out CMM support staff, or –when appropriate– include them as co-authors(s), they, of course, are welcome to do so.

In addition, all published work that includes use of CMM should be reported to CMM administration and be collected in the CMM publication database. Therefore, please send a copy of, or reference to your paper to