Important notice for new project applications

26 March 2020

CMM has currently stopped accepting any new projects due to the Covid-19 situation. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused by this shut-down of the facility and we will be happy to serve you again as soon as the University is fully functional again.

In exceptional circumstances, projects fitting one of the critical research criteria might be considered if resources are available.  In this circumstance, please contact Professor Roger Wepf directly via e-mail ( or phone 0439 784471.

Definition for critical research

This definition is provided as a guide to help identify research activities that are critical.  (Please apply your professional judgement and understanding of your objectives, obligations and operations to make your decision).

  • Covid-19 related research (vaccine, drug and treatment development)
  • Live organisms and cell cultures requiring care and maintenance
  • Valuable/critical (non-live) experiments/equipment that require maintenance or hands on input, or protocols that need to continue
  • Time-critical experiments/observations; where either the opportunity to conduct, the experiment will be missed into the foreseeable future or the individual conducting the experiment/observations has some time-critical component to their appointment
  • Contractual commitments to deliver consultancy/research outcomes that cannot be varied with the partner organisation