18 August 2017

A new Ultra high resolution, Electron Beam Lithography instrument is now available at CMM. 

The E-Line Plus is located at the AIBN CMM Laboratory

Installed in early June, the RAITH E-Line Plus provides the essential tools required for Nano Fabrication processes and techniques at The University of Queensland.

 Image 1:  The University of Queensland logo patterned by Elliot Cheng.

The instrument is based at the CMM, AIBN Laboratory.  It caters to a variety of different applications:  SEM imaging and analysis; Nano lithography; Nano manipulation and Focused Electron Beam Induced additive fabrication by material deposition (Images 2, 3 and 4) and subtractive fabrication by etching (Image 5).  

Image 2: 38.3nm Line width of
insulating material Silicon Monoxide.
Image 3: 25.5nm Line width of

Image 4: 35.1nm Line width of Tungsten. Image 5: 83.7nm Line width etched
with Fluorine.
 Image 6:  The line widths are about 7.4 nm.

At the time of installation, tests were run and beam size results showed that at1keV using the 30mm aperture the beam size was 3.4nm.  A 1.5nm beam size was achieved at 20keV.

The E-Line Plus is a specialised tool with high resolution capabilities; able to expose features that are less than 10nm in size (Image 6).

Image 7: Honeycomb Structure

A Honeycomb structure is one of many designs the RAITH E-Line Plus can produce using a technique called Modulated Beam Moving Stage (MBMS).  The MBMS patterns are 2 mm long and each pattern consists of three MBMS stripes (Image 7).

(Images 2-7 Courtesy of Dr Keith Moulding, Onsite Qualification Report 3-000-259 University of Queensland, Brisbane. 16th June 2017, Raith GmbH)