Training Dates 2021

To attend a training course, you will need to create an account on our client database PPMS (Platform Pilot Management System).  Once you have created an account, then you must submit an online project on PPMS for the work that you want to do with your sample on the microscopes.  New projects are reviewed every Friday morning during our management meeting where a member of CMM staff will be assigned to your project to assist you with accessing CMM facilities, including training.


Please email Mr Rick Webb if you would like TEM training.


Due to Covid-19 we are currently unable to run the SEM block-training courses as previously done.  We are working on the best way to deliver training and this is going to be done on an individual basis.  Please contact if you would like to attend SEM training.  (Please note that unfortunately there is a waiting list).

All SEM training courses run across two weeks with sample preparation (if required) in the third week; total participation time 25 hours. Course details can be found via CMM Techniques.


All three workshops outlined below are hands-on; have a maximum of 4 places and each take about 2 hours.

Glucose Isomerase is used in the workshops, but users may bring their own protein if they wish.

The courses are run on an ad hoc basis, in most circumstances they can be run with a weeks’ notice.


Introduction to Crystallisation Condition Screening at UQROCX

This workshop is essential for all users. 

Participants will be introduced to the basic use of the facilities and will:

  • design a screening experiment in RockMaker
  • set up the screening experiment on the Mosquito
  • image the experiment in the RockImager
  • inspect and score the images collected


Optimisation of Crystals at UQROCX

This workshop is recommended for those wanting to make the most of the available facilities.

Participants will optimise a screening outcome by:

  • using the search function in RockMaker to analyse screening results
  • designing an optimisation experiment in RockMaker
  • using the Tecan to prepare the optimisation experiment


Condition Screening with Seeding

This workshop will allow uses to attempt crystal optimisation using seed stock.

Participants will gain experience in:

  • the preparation of a protein crystal seed stock
  • the use of the Mosquito to set-up a screening with seeding experiment

Please contact Gordon King if you wish to book training at UQROCX.

Our Client Information page will provide you with more detailed information on accessing CMM facilities.