Frontiers Seminar: LIBS Core Scanning Using the ELEMISSION Coriosity

29 February 2024

Please join us for a Frontiers in Microscopy online talk on imaging/scanning LIBS analysis. Flyer below.
Date/Time: Thursday, 29 February 2024, 4pm – 5pm (AEST)

Title: LIBS Core Scanning Using the ELEMISSION Coriosity  

Presenter: Melissa Narbey; AXT Perth


LIBS or Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy offers a rapid method for scanning drill core and RC chips that can provide valuable elemental, mineral and quantitative data at the rate of 1300 data points per second with a ppb sensitivity. Furthermore, it does not discriminate against light elements as does X-ray based techniques and requires virtually no sample preparation making it extremely convenient.

In this webinar Melissa will explain how the technology works and its capabilities, as well as comparing it to other more conventional techniques such as SEM/EDS and micro XRF. She will also outline the workflow and show example datasets.