Frontiers in Microscopy & Microanalysis Seminar - elemental mapping of large areas at high sensitivity via XFM

15 June 2022

This Friday, we will be joined for a Frontiers seminar by Mandi Hellested, CEO of IXRF Systems Inc. Mandi will be presenting on overview of applications and recent advances in elemental mapping via X-ray fluorescence microscopy, followed by an update on the CMM’s XFM instrument presented by the Dr Lachlan Casey. XFM is able to map large areas with high sensitivity and at atmospheric pressure, and finds applications across forensics, national security, geological, cultural heritage, biological, metallurgy, semiconductor, biomedical devices, building materials, and environmental analysis. Please join us to hear more about this powerful, approachable technique. 

Date/Time: Friday 17th June, 12:30 – 14:00 (AEST)
Title: Elemental mapping of large areas at high sensitivity - updates and applications in laboratory x-ray fluorescence microscopy (XFM) 
Presenter: Mandi Hellested (CEO IXRF Systems Inc) 
Venue: AIBN Building #75, Seminar Room Level 1 

For anyone interested in meeting with Mandi, or hearing more about the technique at another time, please contact Lachlan at:

All welcome!


Laboratory x-ray fluorescence microscopy (XFM) is a rapidly expanding analytical space, allowing not only the identification of elements present in a material, but also their spatial distributions at extremely high sensitivity (10s of ppm). Critically, this analysis is possible across very large areas (up to 300x300 mm), at atmospheric pressure, and with minimal sample preparation. It is an ideal bridge between the macro and micro worlds, providing crucial context for targeting of high-resolution methods such as SEM/TEM and synchrotron approaches. In the geo and materials sciences, it permits high-throughput surveys for trace elements across large areas, while in the life sciences it allows the analysis of whole, intact biological tissue, prior to the loss of soluble components during fixation. In this seminar, Mandi Hellested, CEO of IXRF systems Inc, will present recent updates to the technology as well as an overview of the vast application space. 


Mandi Hellested is the CEO at IXRF Systems based in Austin, Texas, USA. For the past 10 years, starting as an Applications Specialist and working her way up to CEO, Mandi has always had a strong focus on customer relationships to understand customer analysis needs and to support good science with great analytical technology. Which is fitting, as Mandi started out as a customer of IXRF when she was a graduate student at West Virginia University, where she was using IXRF’s instruments for her thesis research. Mandi is passionate about instilling solution-oriented values into IXRF Systems and believes in strong customer partnerships as the cornerstone of instrument innovation advancement. Mandi holds a Master of Forensic and Investigative Science from West Virginia University