2022 CSL Centenary Fellowship Recipient Associate Professor Daniel Watterson

12 November 2021

The University of Queensland’s Associate Professor Dan Watterson has been awarded a $1.25 million CSL Centenary Fellowship to research accelerated pandemic treatments. 

Dan successfully uses CMM's new cryoTEM's for his clamp structure vaccine determination.

The Fellowship – one of two presented by the biotech firm – will allow Dr Watterson and his team to develop new ways of rapidly generating treatments to respond to future viral pandemics as they arise.

“Viruses have always intrigued me,” Dr Watterson said.

“They’re the most basic form of life and can help us understand how life works at a fundamental level.

“We can use that knowledge to develop new therapies and vaccines to save lives, identifying and manufacturing anti-viral antibodies and delivering them to patients using mRNA.”

Video of Dr Watterson explaining his research.

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