Frontiers in Microscopy & Microanalysis - Three Advanced and Extreme EDX Training Lectures for SEM & STEM

10 September 2018

Electron microscopy and microanalysis lead-researchers, users and aspiring users are invited to attend a Frontiers in Microscopy and Microanalysis series of lectures and practicals, at the Hawken Laboratory from 17th to 19th September.

Dr. James Sagar of Oxford Instruments is our invited speaker.  This will be an opportunity for users to get hands-on experience on our microscopes; including our exciting new Hitachi HF5000 aberration corrected high resolution TEM.

Date:  Sept 17-19, 2018

Location:  St Lucia Campus

Lecture Room:  AIBN Bdg 75.

Tutorial Room:  Hawken Electron Microscopy Laboratory, Bdg. 50 Level 1

Biography: Dr. James Sagar.

For the last three years James has managed the portfolio of Oxford Instruments EDS for TEM.  He is also the product manager for low kV EDS in the form of the Extreme EDS detector.  Before joining Oxford, James carried out postdoctoral research at University College London focusing on electron transport in nanostructured devices fabricated by focused ion beams.  Before that he gained his PhD in Physics from the University of York when he used TEM and STEM to characterise the structural and interfacial properties that govern electron transport in spintronic devices.

James will talk about the latest developments in TEM microanalysis and quantitative analysis.

Link to program

Please allow 10-15 minutes to sign-in at AIBN reception.  Places on the practicals are limited by space at the microscope, get in early to reserve your spot. 

RSVP to Graeme Auchterlonie (cc’d)