This microscope is set up permanently with the Gatan 3View system which allows for Serial Blockface Scanning Electron Microscopy (SBGSEM). In this system a microtome equipped with a diamond knife if mounted inside the specimen chamber of the microscope.  The specimen which is embedded in resin is cut with the knife and the remaining blockface is imaged at low kV in backscatter mode.  This sectioning and imaging is performed over and over so that a three dimensional data set is acquired.  A contrast inversion of the image results in an image that looks almost exactly like a standard TEM-type image of a biological sample. The sample processing involves impregnating heavy metals into the specimen so that it is highly conductive and is capable of producing a high signal in backscatter imaging mode.The system can acquire very large data sets as it can be left to continuously image and section for extremely long periods.

Location: AIBN

Contact: Rick Webb

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