Researcher biography

Dr Hui Diao obtained her Bachelor of Microelectronic Packaging Engineering in 2005 and Master’s degree in Material Processing Engineering from Harbin Institute of Technology in 2007. She then continued her studies at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and received her Ph.D. degree in Material Engineering in 2011 before joining the Central Analytical Research Facility at QUT as a Senior Laboratory Officer. Hui was recruited to the University of Queensland in 2014 as the FIB Engineer in charge of the FEI SCIOS SEM/FIB Dual Beam system and the Hitachi ETHOS NX5000 FIB-SEM Triple Beam System installed in mid-2021. Hui’s expertise is in TEM sample preparation, 2D and 3D micro-/nano- structure fabrication, 3D FIB tomography analysis on a FIB-SEM system. She also has an extensive knowledge of materials characterisation via EBSD and TKD techniques.

Works from home: Wednesdays and Fridays