Doctor of Philosophy in Chemical Engineering and Applied Science, and Masters in Molecular and Cellular Biology from the University of Cape Town.


Dr Candice Michelle Goodwin was born in South Africa and "reinvented" in Australia. Candice has a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering and Applied Science, and a Masters in Molecular and Cellular Biology, having specialized in discovering new species of bacteria from extreme environments capable of producing novel enzymes and antibiotics to treat global diseases, such as tuberculosis. Her interest in astrobiology has led to a long-term relationship with players in the space technology industry.

Candice has a strong track record of tackling the challenges faced by start-up companies in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, including validation approaches, process development, and compliance with quality systems. This experience led to the capacity to consult and advise independently, acting as an adaptable and proven validation engineering and GMP consultant, having consulted on projects both nationally and internationally, including in the USA, Canada, Mexico, China and the EU.   

With over 20 years’ experience in the STEM arena, Candice has used various microscopy instruments, including having recently been the Queensland Territory Manager for microscopy company, Leica Microsystems.

Candice has a gift for writing, is a world traveller, and has a respected ability to science things. Candice is also the author of the science fiction book series, "Enter Entropy", inspired by the genetic revolution, showcasing a strong, intelligent female lead character, available on Amazon. She is also a producer on Canadian film and TV projects that are positively disrupting industry trends. Candice hosts a fresh, new podcast celebrating women in STEM, complementing Candice's STEM advocacy initiatives.