The Philips Tecnai F20 FEG-STEM is an analytical transmission electron microscope with the capability to deliver one nanoamp (10-9A) of current into a probe of one nanometre (10-9nm) in diameter. The unique analytical resolution is a result of the high brightness field emission gun (FEG) which acts an electron source in the microscope. The instrument can be operated in TEM-microprobe, TEM-nanoprobe or STEM (Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope) mode. It is fitted with an Oxford SDD X-ray (EDS) detector which is capable of detecting elements ranging from carbon upwards. The TEM operation is integrated within the Windows NT platform. A Gatan Image Filter (GIF) is fitted to the bottom of the microscope column along with a 4kx4k OneView CMOS camera. The GIF comes standard with a 2kx2k slow scan CCD, a bright field (BF), dark field (DF), and high-angle annular dark field (HAADF) STEM detectors are all located just above the entrance aperture for the GIF. The GIF is able to analyze elements from lithium upwards and thus is ideal for light element analysis. Just like EDS, the GIF can perform elemental analysis, but can also deliver bonding information at the nanoscale. The instrument has a twin-lens objective pole-piece and is capable of ±70°. There are cryo-sample holders (-183°C), double-tilt (±30°) low background (Be) EDS holder, a high temperature double-tilt holder (±30°) capable of heating samples up to 1000°C. The combined tilt axis and STEM versatility with analytical detectors makes this microscope an extremely useful tool, not only for those in the physical sciences, but the biological sciences as well.

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