This system is a 3D quadrupole iontrap (QIT) MS system equipped electron transfer dissociation (ETD). The system has several scan speed options, which are related to mass resolution achieved. The system can be operated in an extended mass range mode (up to 6000m/z), which may be useful when coupled with the AP-MALDI source. QIT instrumentation multiple levels of MS referred to as MSn experiments and these experiments record the mass spectrum at each level of MS – providing a very information rich data set. ETD allows top-down sequencing of small proteins, and peptides, and is very useful when working with labile post-translational modifications. As the system is configured presently, samples can be infused for ESI analysis or analysed using the AP-MALDI source. The AP-MALDI source allows for MALDI imaging experiments to be conducted on the QIT analyser.

Location: Hawken Building

Contact: Brett Hamilton:

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