Risk assessment templates

We require you to provide a risk assessment for your sample, assessing chemical hazards and detailing spill procedures (in case someone knocks over your material when you are not around). This assessment is for the form your sample will be when it enters our labs, not how you made it. If you are working on the same/similar material to others in your lab who use our facilities, you can use their assessments (just let us know their name and Task ID number of the assessment if it was created on-line).  If you are working on something new, you will need to provide a new risk assessment. 

We also have various template risk assessments for samples. If you do not have an assessment lined up, you are welcome to use these templates, if they match your sample(s). You could also copy the original on the UQ Risk Assessment database. The templates attached are word documents that can be edited as needed – as a minimum, the areas highlighted will need modification. Your own supervisor (or the person who supervises your particular project) should be the supervisor of the assessment. (For on-line versions, I’m happy to review your assessment before it is approved by your supervisor, to avoid later modifications requiring re-approval). We have a wide range of templates, so let me know if you will need one for a different sample type to the ones listed below.

XRD samples will require a separate risk assessment to the “same” SEM samples, as the volume and form can be different (solid / loose powder) and the probability of spills is higher for XRD work. If you have any questions about the risk assessment requirements, check out the FAQ or send  an email.        

Current Templates