Researcher biography

After completing a BSc (Hons) in Chemistry at Canterbury University, NZ, I obtained a PhD in Polymer Chemistry from the University of Queensland where I investigated the applications of solid-state NMR in polymer composites. I then took up postdoctoral positions at Queen’s University, Ontario, Canada followed by Bristol University, UK, and I became increasingly involved in colloids and interface science and the applications of x-ray and neutron scattering methods and NMR in soft condensed matter (colloids, polymers and composites).After working as a research scientist at the Bristol Colloid Centre, I returned to the University of Queensland where I currently work as a Research Fellow and manager of the x-ray analysis facility at the Centre for Microscopy and Microanalysis. My broad research interests are in the understanding of structure-property-performance relationships in a range of materials; that is, the use of molecular level findings and understanding to direct the development of better performing materials, devices or chemical processes.In addition, I provide advice to Queensland scientists on experimental techniques at and access to the Australian Synchrotron and am currently chair of the SAXS proposal advisory committee at this facility.

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Research Themes

The overarching theme of my current research is in the understanding of structure-property- performance relationships in materials.Specifically I currently work in the areas of materials for biomedical applications (e.g. bone tissue engineering and drug delivery), lithographic processes (e.g. materials for silicon chip and memory devices) and chemical reactions (e.g. environmentally friendly organic reactions). In addition, I continue to focus on colloidal/nanoparticle, polymeric and composites materials and also continue to have a strong interest in the development of x-ray, neutron and NMR methods

  • Immediate-Past-Chair of the Polymer Division of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute
  • President-Elect of the Queensland Branch of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute
  • Chair Instrument Advisory Team for Bilby; ANSTO
  • Member of Australian Colloid and Interface Society

Designed Delivery –Novel Hydrogels for Drug Delivery from Precisely-Structured Networks

  • Grant Body: ARC Discovery
  • Grant Period: 2009 - 2011

Advanced Lithographic Solutions using Block Copolymers: Integrating Self Assembly and Lithography

  • Grant Body: ARC Linkage
  • Grant Period: 2009 - 2011

A High-Sensitivity, - Resolution and -Throughput X-ray Powder Diffractometer for the Investigation of Polycrystalline Materials

  • Grant Body: UQ MEI

Grant Period: 2011

Understanding and Controlling the Structure of Thin Polymer Films used in Photolithography

  • Grant Body: ARC Discovery
  • Grant Period: 2013 - 2015

Photoreactive Block copolymers: Controlling the Nanostructure of Materials with Light

  • Grant Body: ARC Discovery
  • Grant Period: 2014 - 2016

An advanced X-ray facility for surface and in-situ materials characterization

  • Grant Body: ARC LIEF
  • Grant Period: 2014
Postdoctoral Staff

Yi Guo

Current Students
  • FLETCHER, Nicholas (PhD)
  • GOONASEKERA, Chandhi Suranga (PhD)
  • BENNETT, Thomas (PhD)
  • ALAM, Md. Mahbub (PhD)